The benefits of soy wax candle

Soy ... a naturally renewable raw material, has an invaluable value as animal feed and food. With its high content of protein, people who refrain from meat, with soy products can fall back on a suitable alternative.
For years, candle oil has also been produced from soybean oil. Soya wax candles have the advantage that no petrol is released when burned. Also the typical Russen, does not occur with proper handling of the candle.
The soy wax of our candles, in contrast to conventional soy wax candles, is white. By multiple filtration, dyes, fragrances and impurities are filtered out. That is why our candles can unfold their scent with full power and undisturbed.
With the addition of pure essential scented oils, the smell from the beginning to the burning out of the candles is clearly smelling and absolutely authentic.

Although it is clear to everyone that one can not extract the perfume from everything and every plant, it is still possible to mix natural essences with each other, so that a new fragrance is created. So too with our fragrance oils.
Our range of different fragrances is such that we offer only the fragrances that everyone can use. Therefore, we also refrain from fragrance descriptions, where on "Kopftnote", "Mittelote", etc, is received. "Apfelstrudel" just after apple strudel!
If you would like to have a more detailed description, feel free to contact us for fragrance samples. We will then send you the desired samples.