About us

We, the candles Laedl, are a small candle manufacturer in the heart of Bavaria and founded us in 2014 as an online trading company for candles and home accessories. Since 2016, our main focus has been on the manufacture and marketing of our own soya wax fragrance candles.

Why own production?

In the first two years after the foundation, candles were not only available in the private sphere, but also formed the focus in the professional field. We held many products that were very different in appearance, composition and quality. Accordingly, the response of our customers was very different. Since we always try to maintain good contact with our customers, many of us have shared their opinions. These went from "absolute class" to "immaterial".

At this point we would like to point out that we have imported all the candles from different manufacturers, from the USA.

We looked at the opinions and reviews thoroughly and tried to separate the "good guys" from the "less good ones". But unfortunately the highs and lows went right through the candle assortment. But one thing we noticed was that paraffin candles from different manufacturers were only mediocre. From non-authentic smell that was sometimes pungent in the nose, to large flames to soot blackened vessels and walls.

That was an occasion for us to check out what the paraffin candles are all about. Everyone knows that paraffin is a residual product from petroleum refineries. But the most used wicks are provided with a lead core, has shocked us really. Burning such candles releases not only petrol but also lead to the environment. Apart from the particulate matter, which is released up to twice as much as a Class 4 diesel engine, our children and pets also poison us with lead.

Many manufacturers, especially in the US, now use mixed waxes, such as: paraffin stearin; Paraffin palm wax or with pure Stearinwachs, whereby one must distinguish also here. Stearin wax can be obtained from vegetable fats or animal fats. Most of these are mixed together.

However, the best ratings were the soy wax candles or soymic wax candles. Unfortunately, the pure soy wax candles were conspicuous here, too, since an unpleasant slug formation on the wick was observed after prolonged firing. Soya wax candles had no abnormalities in this respect. Unfortunately, the manufacturers used synthetic fragrance oils, which were clearly recognizable by the variety of fragrances.

The realization has brought us now to the point to create a candle, which consists of a soybean wax on the one hand, on the other hand mixed with pure ethereal fragrance oils and provided with a cotton wick, which has plant or paper fiber as the core. After about 8 months of testing with countless failed attempts and a long wait, we have created a series of candles that more than lived up to all the requirements.

The name "Lilygardencandles" came to us because our garden at the house is surrounded by giant tree lilies and these are very popular in the neighborhood