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Welcome to Lilygardencandles

Scented candles made of soy wax and beeswax, with essential scented oils and cotton wicks.

​Typical fragrances for autumn

Unsere Herbst Düfte im Überblick

The colorful season has already started meteorologically and we have re-sorted our autumn fragrances for you.​

Already available or available soon.​
Caramallow Milkshake - eine cremige Verführung Ein süßer Duft aus der Kindheit
Caramallow Milkshake Birthdaycake Rhubarb Gin
Süße dunkle Trauben. Fruchtig und belebend cinnamon, sweet and seductively warm
Jolly Rancher Grape Roasted Espresso Cinnamon Toffee
The cooling strawberry cocktail Klebrig und fruchtiger Duft
Strawberry Daiquiri Maple Syrup Watermelon Margarita

A nice selection of new fragrances that came to us there and that are still to come.  

Our Antique Jars Zu den Landhauskerzen Unsere Lieblinge  Zu den Milk Bottles
Unsere neuen Stopper Jars Nicht nur für den Sommer. Unsere Summer Jar`s Die Kleinen mit der großen Wirkung. Tealight Jar`s


We have cheaper freight prices for deliveries to the USA and Canada. 2.20 lb = € 28.10, 4.40 lb = € 31.70, 6.60 lb = € 34.60, 8.80 lb = € 36.90, 11.00 lb = € 38.90​

Our soy wax scented candles are lovingly hand-cast.
Through the use of GMO-free soy from American cultivation, it can be ensured that our soy wax is produced from naturally growing soybeans.
Soybean crops are grown on centuries-old farmland in the Midwestern United States. Therefore, unlike Asian soy, no forests have to be cleared.
Essential fragrance oil, which is obtained from extraction and mixed with each other to create a wide variety of scents, helps
that our soy wax scented candles smell particularly authentic and, above all, have a long-lasting smell.
Cotton wicks from German production, the core of which are paper or vegetable fibers, do not release any dangerous lead gases when they burn.
In order to really be able to offer the 100% natural wax in our candles, we also pre-treat our wicks ourselves.
That means we don't use pre-waxed wicks.

We regularly test the finished scented candles in a long-term test of at least 10 hours around us about the burning behavior, the scent development and the
convince even burn.
This way we can ensure that you have a quality product in your hands that is worth the money.
With which you feel comfortable or which you can also give away.


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